Huma Breath

Huma Breath

Utilize your breath to control your body, mind, and mood.

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Huma Breath in Action: Courses

Our specifically designed courses will help you expand your breathwork practice.

  • Start with our 7-Day Introduction to Breathwork course to learn the fundamentals of breathing and how to use it better to improve the quality of your life.
  • Huma Breath Team is working hard, and new courses will be added frequently. You can discover and learn more with our courses.

Anything You Want: Extensive Breath Exercise Library

Various powerful exercises can be found in the Huma Breath exercise library. Pick the one you want, give it a few minutes, and you'll end up with whatever benefit you wanted in the first place.

  • Breathing exercises for each category: Focus, Calming, Anxiety, Depression, Energy, Sleep, Experimental.
  • Premium users can create their own custom exercises by setting up inhale, hold, exhale, wait, or retention settings.
  • New exercises will be added, among with experimental ones like Shamanic Breathing techniques. Join our communities to suggest us exercises!

Take a Deep Breath: Guided or Unguided

Our exercise play page is designed to make your breathing practice easier and better. No hurdles, great support.

  • Exercise play page is designed to be simple, elegant and useful. Follow the Huma circle to breathe.
  • If you prefer being guided, pick your guide's voice: Woman, man, or no vocal directions.
  • Choose a background sound within the app to accompany your exercise, or just silence.

Make it a Habit: Detailed Tracking

Breathing exercises are the best way to improve your body, mind and mood. We're here to do make it easy for you.

  • Every user can access their current weekly statistics, seeing how many minutes and sessions you've done and your longest streak of doing exercises.
  • Premium users can see their breathing statistics in detail, going all the way back to their first exercise to the last, including retention times.
  • What gets measured, gets managed. Don't forget to set up reminders within the app & keep track of your progress to solidify your breathing habits.

The breathing app you've been expecting for is here! You don't have to deal with timer apps or YouTube videos anymore — open Huma Breath app, give it a few minutes, leave feeling better, or sleep!


Users can learn about varios breathing methods from scratch with Huma Breathing in-app courses. 7-Day Introduction to Breathwork course will be available to all users.


Huma Breath's extensive library includes various powerful breathing exercises with different effects: Box Breathing, Iceman (Tummo) Breathing, 4-7-8 Breathing, Kundalini Breathing.. to name just a few!


The power of breathing is being discovered by tons of new people every day. Huma Breath communities aim to increase the interaction between people who want to live a better life through meditative practices.


Every user can check their Huma Breath profile to see their current weekly progress: How many minutes and sessions you've done and your longest streak. Premium users can see detailed statistics to keep track of their progress and habits.


Premium users can create their custom exercises on the Huma Breath app and save them in their libraries for repetitive later use. You can also share them with other users, whether a friend or a Huma Breath community member.

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